The Question Game


Most nights at the dinner table we play The Question Game.  Honestly, it started a few years ago as a way to keep the boys focused at dinner.  Now, though, they’ve taken ownership of it and dinnertime is really fun and engaging.  Each person at the table gets to ask a question, and then we all answer around the table.  When we started, we brainstormed our own questions.  Max’s favorite question is What is your favorite level on Super Mario Brothers?  Zeke’s favorite question is What is your favorite ice cream?  Cole’s questions are always a surprise!    We found a little box of question cards recently, though, and now Cole is the official question reader (He can read! Yay!).   I’ve noticed that sometimes these simple questions lead to great discussions about deep things.   I’ve also noticed that sometimes Cole will answer for Max or vice versa, or they even try to answer for Chris or me, and it’s really sweet.  Showing a streak of selflessness, thinking about how someone else may think.   As Bubba would say, we are making fond memories!


One thought on “The Question Game

  1. I LOVE this idea. Since I am not as creative as you are, Anne, I immediately went to Amazon and bought the family version of TableTopics, which are question cards similar yours. Multiple customer comments on Amazon talked about how these cards changed family road trips and dinner with teenage boys – but it seems you are jerk-proofing your boys’ dinner behavior before adolescence. I can’t wait to try this, thanks for the suggestion.

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