We’ve felt so welcomed in our new neighborhood.  One neighbor brought us chili and homemade rolls for dinner, and our playset has been so busy with new friends!   I’m not going to lie, though.  I feel out of control every afternoon after school because I never know who will show up hoping to play.  I am a rookie when it comes to after-school etiquette.  Do I trust the boys go to a neighbor’s house or yard?  Do I leave them in the backyard to play with friends while I’m cooking dinner?   If friends come over unsupervised, do I just let them in and when do I tell them to leave?  What if our kids don’t want to play?  I just don’t know the right answers, and I’m in reaction mode.  We’ve created a bajillion boundaries in the last two weeks, and I just hope we’re making the best choices.   The boys are worn out, they’re dirty, they’re so happy, and they’re learning a lot about friendships.  Overall, it’s great.   I’m out of my comfort zone, yes.  I’m tempted to organize my house, stay in my own yard, and invite my own friends over to play for a prescribed amount of time.  But I know that God put us here for His purpose, and I want to open my life to these new families.  If that means muddy floors and revolving doors, that’s okay.   If that means sharing our animal crackers and our after-school hours, that’s okay too.   I can do this!  One day at a time.


One thought on “Neighbors

  1. Anne, thanks for your honesty here. I must confess I’m terrified of the friendships stage and life outside our walls…eeks. Not prepared! So, I hope you’ll have some answers for me when we walk through that time. 😉

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