Posted in June 2013

Things I’m Not Good At

A while before Zeke came along, my mom gently handed me a $20 and lovingly said, “Annie, your dad and I know that you are good at many things, but cutting kids’ hair isn’t one of them.  Use this cash to get them real haircuts.”  Ha!  They were right.  I had royally screwed up Cole’s … Continue reading

Bright Spots

Sickness lingers in our home.  There have been bright spots this week, though.  Very bright. On Tuesday I spent the day out at Camp Olivet with the elementary kids from our church.   We made garden stones, which meant concrete mixing.  A blast!  I spent several summers as a YMCA camp counselor in college, so … Continue reading

Milk Rainbows

Milk rainbows aren’t new, just new to us!  I added this experiment to our summer fun list, and today was the day.  You probably have everything you need right in your kitchen!  It was a really beautiful science experiment! You need: shallow plate or bowl, milk, food coloring, q-tips, small bowl of dish soap Pour … Continue reading

Knock, Knock

Who’s there?  Sickness, that’s who.  Ick. Camp ended Thursday last week, so on Friday, we just hung out together.  After a week of crazy, a day of pancakes, tree climbing, swimming, and being together is just what we needed.  The boys truly enjoyed each other, and that itself was a gift.  We even had some … Continue reading

Summer of the Cherry Coke

It’s summer!  I haven’t been blogging!  Ah!  I have been drinking Cherry Coke, though.  With vanilla.  Yumalicious. Okay, now.  Max got his cast off this week, hooray!  C and M spent a few days in Michigan last week with my dad, double hooray!   We’ve been having some summer fun including toothpick and marshmallow building, … Continue reading