Summer of the Cherry Coke

IMG_5807 IMG_5841 IMG_5873 IMG_5896

It’s summer!  I haven’t been blogging!  Ah!  I have been drinking Cherry Coke, though.  With vanilla.  Yumalicious.

Okay, now.  Max got his cast off this week, hooray!  C and M spent a few days in Michigan last week with my dad, double hooray!   We’ve been having some summer fun including toothpick and marshmallow building, chalk paint, jelly balls to squish around, and the library summer reading game.   The most fun, though, has been this week.  Camp Preo week!  If you’ve read our blog in the past, you know that our church does church camp.   It’s a blast and kids learn about Jesus in the outdoors among lots of friends.  They’ve played crazy water games, built huge volcanoes, made sand casts and sunbutter fudge, and stamped bandanas with dead fish!   Zeke and I have been out at camp a few days this week, too, helping with crafts, so it’s been a family affair.   Zeke only has one more year and he’ll be eligible.  What?!?!

Cole and Max started tennis lessons this week, too.  Twice a week for the month of June.  On Monday, not even halfway through the first lesson, I overheard one of the instructors tell Max, “Use self control, Max.  Don’t be a wild man.”  Oh my.  If I had a nickel…

We’re hoping to get to the pool this week, too, now that Max is cast-free.  Shh…he did swim twice at my parent’s house last weekend.  My dad rigged up a cast wrap that allowed Max a few cannon balls before the water seeped in.  Ha!



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