Knock, Knock

IMG_5910 IMG_5919

Who’s there?  Sickness, that’s who.  Ick.

Camp ended Thursday last week, so on Friday, we just hung out together.  After a week of crazy, a day of pancakes, tree climbing, swimming, and being together is just what we needed.  The boys truly enjoyed each other, and that itself was a gift.  We even had some friends over for an impromptu cookout on Friday night!  But, then, sickness crept in.  Ick.

First me, then Max.  Then Cole, and even a little bit for Chris.  Bye, bye, weekend.  Hello Cheerios and water, scrub brush and bleach.   Max is still down, but the rest of us are on the mend, thankfully.   This afternoon, during an energy burst, Max decided to write down one of his favorite knock, knock jokes.  You know the one about the banana and the orange?  Orange you glad I didn’t say banana?  They crack up every time!  He wrote this one himself today, invented spelling at it’s best.   I’m going to count this as one of his very first pieces of writing besides his name, and keep it with the other important Max stuff.  And you know what else?  Even when he’s sick, Max plays a little basketball.  We have an electronic basketball game in our basement called Double Shot, and Max likes to keep track of his high scores.  High score with a cast.  High score standing on one foot.  This morning it was his high score with a sick tummy.  And then he went back to the couch with his blanket.  Of course.


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