Milk Rainbows


Milk rainbows aren’t new, just new to us!  I added this experiment to our summer fun list, and today was the day.  You probably have everything you need right in your kitchen!  It was a really beautiful science experiment!

You need: shallow plate or bowl, milk, food coloring, q-tips, small bowl of dish soap

Pour milk into a shallow bowl or plate, just enough to cover the bottom.  Place one drop each of red, blue, and yellow food coloring in a triangular shape in the milk.  Dip one end of a q-tip into dish soap.  Then, put the soapy end of the q-tip down in the middle of the milk and watch the magic!  Swirl gently if you like, but you don’t have to.

The boys each did this several times, and we learned that if you swirl too much, all of the milk turns a weird brown-blue color.  We also learned that varying the locations of the food coloring drops changes the way the rainbows will bleed…fun!   I bet we will go back to this trick on the next not-so-sunny summer day!


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