Bright Spots

IMG_5940 IMG_5952 IMG_5980

Sickness lingers in our home.  There have been bright spots this week, though.  Very bright.

On Tuesday I spent the day out at Camp Olivet with the elementary kids from our church.   We made garden stones, which meant concrete mixing.  A blast!  I spent several summers as a YMCA camp counselor in college, so heading out to camp stirred up my heart.  I. Love. Summer. Camp.  I love kid style crafts.  I love friendship bracelets.  I love braiding my hair.  And I love hanging out with kids, teaching, creating, learning.  At camp I remembered that feeling, the one I’ve set aside for seven years.  The one where you are in your element, made for this.   It was a sweet, sweet heart-filling day.  (The boys were having fun my parents, forgetting all about us.)

Wednesday was the hottest day of the summer so far.  The temps pushed 90, so we broke out the slip ‘n slide even though Max’s fever hung on.  He was up for it, so I figured, why not?  Fun!

This morning we headed out to Jackson Creek to stomp around.   Cole caught minnows and a crayfish with a bucket, and we hunted for geodes and rocks to paint at home.   We didn’t last too long, thanks to Zeke’s fever and cough, but it was refreshing.  The sun warm and the water cool.  The boys exploring and discovering.  Then home to rest.  Rest that sickness away.


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