Things I’m Not Good At

A while before Zeke came along, my mom gently handed me a $20 and lovingly said, “Annie, your dad and I know that you are good at many things, but cutting kids’ hair isn’t one of them.  Use this cash to get them real haircuts.”  Ha!  They were right.  I had royally screwed up Cole’s hair.  It was a straight, dark, thick disaster for my first-time scissor cut.  Thankfully, he didn’t care.   Max’s is curly and coarse and, therefore, suffered much less.   We’ve been loyal patrons of Great Clips ever since.  Thanks, mom and dad.  (Since then, we’ve invested in clippers and I regularly cut Chris’s hair and sometimes Cole’s too.  Saves us some cash, and keeps me accountable for practicing instead of throwing in the towel.)

Rewind even farther to our first apartment, the week before we married.  I attempted to make chicken tortilla soup for some out of town company coming in for our wedding.  I followed the recipe pretty well until I misread it.  Instead of adding corn tortillas to the pot, I added flour tortillas and, hence, created a sticky, gooey mess.  Chris’s best man, Jason, ate it just to be kind to me.

In that same apartment, we had a bread maker.   Drop the ingredients in, punch in settings, go.  Not so easy for me.  One night, instead of a loaf, the machine produced lumps.  So, we tried them as bread bowls!   Yum, yes.  But.  I had made homemade tomato soup that night too.  I poured it into the blender to puree it, but I didn’t know to let it cool a bit.  The heat from the steaming hot soup caused the plastic lid to expand, and the acrylic stopper slipped down into my soup just as the blade began to whirl.  The result from that meal?  Bread bowls with chunky acrylic-tomato soup.  Awesome.

I’m thankful to say that my cooking skills have progressed, and I’m pretty sure Chris is thankful too.   Now, though, there are other things I’m not good at.  Mostly related to house projects and money (and driving, but that’s another story).  First, house projects.  I’m impatient and hasty.  I don’t like to wait for paint to dry.  I don’t like to hang things properly on the wall.  Why can’t command hooks work for everything?   Second, money.   We have a beautiful budget.  I just can’t seem to stay within it.   I really don’t intend to overspend, and I don’t give in to the bajillion types of cereal and fruit snacks the boys ask for.  Folks, it’s just that…well, I don’t know.  Sigh.

So, in effort to blaze a positive trail toward victory in these two areas, I’ve made some decisions. Well, we have.  It’s scary to think of the terrible decisions I would have made if Chris wasn’t my husband.  Oh my my.  So first, house projects.  I decided to research proper (and manageable) methods to paint furniture, with an end table and a bookshelf in mind, both items that were given to us and we have little attachment to.   I found this wonder product, Zinsser Cover Stain Primer.   I decided to use the paint and supplies we already have, just in case the project went sour.   I resolved to wait the appropriate amount of time between coats, and to take my time.  Well, friends. I’m happy to say that just tonight I have achieved my first painting victory!  See!


Now onto the second issue, money management.  Chris and I decided together on a cash budget for me, weekly.   We’ve got to start somewhere, folks.  Last week was week one, and I’m a few dollars under budget.  I’d say that’s a win…even if a small one!  So after I finished painting tonight, I walked upstairs to get ready for bed, and I saw this on my nightstand.


Really, Chris is the best.  No conversation needed.  He knows and I know.  It’s cash go time for week two.

There are still a lot of things I’m not so good at, but house projects and money management are slowly moving down the list.   Whew. Time for bed.



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