Neighborhood Rides


Zeke left for Michigan a few days early, so while Chris is at work today and tomorrow, it’s just the big brothers and me.   While of course we LOVE Zeke and his comedy and spunk, it’s been much quieter around here and a bit slower, too.  Like Chris said today, Zeke has quite the motor!

It’s been super rainy, but during a dry spell last night and again this afternoon, Cole and Max and I headed out on a neighborhood bike ride.  I’m so grateful for our new neighborhood.  It’s family friendly.  People are always out walking their dogs, biking, running.  It’s big enough for a safe, 20 minute bike ride with kids.   The thing I was the most grateful for today, though, as we were riding, was the unbridled giggling.  As Cole and Max coasted down hills, the breeze washing over their faces, they giggled and screamed with delight.   Speed.  Such a gift.  I heard about hurting legs, long uphills, and hopes for water, too, of course.  But the reward of a downhill zoom was worth it all.

And in a day when I often feel like I have to fight for opportunities for the boys to experience real life instead of screen life, the moments we spent together on our bikes today refreshed my soul.  I’ve dreamed for years (ask my husband) for moments like these.  And here they are.  I will fight to keep them coming and coming.


One thought on “Neighborhood Rides

  1. Loved catching up here, Anne! I can hear the enthusiasm in your words. I love reading your blog because it makes me feel like I’m having a conversation with you! You have such a beautiful family. Miss your warm smile!

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