Max’s Dream



Max’s dream just may be to play basketball for IU.  It certainly is evident by how he spends his time!  We have a double shot basketball game in our basement.  It keeps score for you, and if you achieve 30 points in 30 seconds, you get 15 more seconds.  If you achieve 6o points in those 15 seconds, then you get 10 seconds more.  In the beginning, Max’s high scores were in the teens.  Then the scores pushed up into the 30’s, 50’s, then one day he hit 82!  Man.  Now?  Now his high score is 128.  128, folks.   He works very hard, and it’s showing.    

We’re all for Max playing basketball.  I understood a while ago that providing for your children isn’t limited to food, water, shelter, love.  It’s providing opportunities for them to realize how God made them, too.  Not every expensive camp or team.  And definitely not every after-school activity.  More like backyard soccer and driveway hoops.  A hand-me-down piano or an old set of tools.  Learning to build a fire with sticks in your own yard, building a ship from wood scraps, and picking up some drawing books from the library.   There will be time to step up the game.  To enroll our kids in formal lessons or join a team, and we’ve eased into that slowly.  But.  The goal for us is this.  To do our best to guide them toward opportunities where they can use the gifts God has given them.  Use them for good.  Bring Him glory and praise.  Ooh, I just love that! 

This week, Max attended Tom Crean’s Little Hoosiers Basketball Academy.  Three mornings filled with drills, stations, and rubbing shoulders with the players themselves.  Secretly, I got butterflies watching Max’s team play a game on the floor of Assembly Hall.  It’s a tricky line to walk, though, and we want to let Max lead the way.  If he’s interested, we’re behind him.  And we see how God has made him competitive, motivated, and skilled.  

We talk often around our house about encouraging others in what God made them good at.  That way it’s not he’s better than you, you’re better than him, and on and on.  God made us each uniquely.  The other day, Cole and Zeke and I went to camp to watch Max’s team’s game.  Cole quickly got out his DS and took a video of Max’s game to show him later.   That’s what I’m talking about.  It doesn’t happen every time, that’s for sure.  But it did this time.   And it was an even sweeter moment when later that day, I overheard Cole and Max talking as they watched the game video together, analyzing.  Keep it up, brothers.  Keep it up. 



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