Posted in August 2013

the blue class

Zeke started preschool in the blue class this week!  He will be there 2 mornings a week, and one of those days he’ll stay for lunch bunch.  Can it be?  He was so excited for the first day on Tuesday!  He hung up his blue bucket and marched right into the classroom to get started. … Continue reading

dirt piles, junk & some house love

Our house was loved last week, thanks to some excavators and outdoor professionals.   Hooray!   The ground cover was taken away, along with piles of junk and brush from the back and side yards.  The sidewalk was excavated, and a new retaining wall was built.  A new sidewalk was then poured after four dump … Continue reading


We took the boys camping for a night at McCormick’s Creek State Park.  The last Fun Friday before school.  Oh, it was such a fun way to end the summer! Cole told us that if we could go camping sometime, he’d be the happiest that a kid could ever be.  So we said, absolutely.  Camping … Continue reading

August 8. Wow.

So here we are.  August 8. The last few weeks flew by.  Soaking up summer with a visit to my parents’ house, a boat cruise, lots of ice cream, staying up late.  My heart swelled, too, over these last few days of summer as I watched Cole and Max grow even closer together as brothers. … Continue reading