August 8. Wow.

IMG_6271 IMG_6359 IMG_6365

So here we are.  August 8.

The last few weeks flew by.  Soaking up summer with a visit to my parents’ house, a boat cruise, lots of ice cream, staying up late.  My heart swelled, too, over these last few days of summer as I watched Cole and Max grow even closer together as brothers.   No doing of ours, they played spies.  They created funny pool games and laughed and laughed.  Cole reassured Max that he’d walk him from the bus to his kindergarten classroom.  There was lego building, too.

Then, the first day of school came. Yesterday.  Our silly boys were ready, and they took on the new with confidence.  Cole said goodbye to me at the kindergarten room and marched himself down to 2nd grade.  Alone.  Perfect.  It’s a tricky line, you know, to let him go.  I want to be clear in communicating love and security to him, God’s and mine.   Then let that fuel his willingness to step out and follow his (and His) lead.

I helped Max put away his supplies, find his coat hook and place at the table.  He immediately knew Zach, a friend from basketball camp.  Our neighbor friend, Rory, was there too.   Max batted no eyes, showed no fear.  He simply asked, “Mom, can you go now?”  So I did.  But I snapped one last photo on my way out. I captured diversity that is this kindergarten class.  A beautiful mix for Max.   Thank you, God, for this gift.

Both boys had a great first day.  Bussed home.  Snack.  Dinner.  Driveway baseball.  Zonked out by 7:30.  A good, good day.



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