dirt piles, junk & some house love


Our house was loved last week, thanks to some excavators and outdoor professionals.   Hooray!   The ground cover was taken away, along with piles of junk and brush from the back and side yards.  The sidewalk was excavated, and a new retaining wall was built.  A new sidewalk was then poured after four dump trucks worth of dirt were spread around our yard.  (Zeke loved the dirt piles, of course!)  Now, when it rains, the water will run away from our house instead of toward it, a huge relief for Chris!  Drainage = top priority.   And last of all, grass seed.  We’ve (read: Chris) been faithfully watering the yard since last Thursday, and now it’s more green than brown!   By far, the best comment from the neighbors has been, “Wow, this is what your house is supposed to look like!”  This project has almost doubled the amount of outdoor yard space we can actually use now, and we are so excited to enjoy it!


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