what i’ve learned

i realized a few things about myself during these last few months.   i love cooking italian food.  mostly bolognese.  it’s homey and delicious.   it spreads a heavenly aroma all over our house.  and i love lots of balsamic vinegar.   i’m tired of house projects.   i miss the boys when they’re at school, and i’ve found myself longing for the days when they were all home all the time and we played and crafted and pretended (and went a bit crazy too).  some weeks i struggle with even a ten-hour-a-week job on top of all the rest of my house responsibilities.  it all feels like a mountain.   also, i love to talk.   a blog break meant that chris heard more than he usually does (daily word quota exceeded), and so we both learned that we miss this place for me to write.  ha!  the biggest thing i learned, though, is that i WANT to blog.  to write.  to be brave on this page.  to connect.  so i will blog on.   a new name, though.  i am the only frank who blogs here, so i officially changed the name to mrs. frankly speaking.  i like it.

but enough about me.  since i blogged last, my friend’s husband has been in and out of the hospital.  he’s now a three-times-per-week dialysis customer and awaiting a healthy kidney.   some neighbors from uganda moved in across the street from us and quite possibly have changed my life and changed the way i grocery shop.   at least i hope they have.    and we had a houseful of friends over for halloween and my heart was full.


we spent thanksgiving in california, and our kids swam in the pacific with clothes on in 50 degrees.  boom. welcome back to the blog.


5 thoughts on “what i’ve learned

  1. I, for one, am glad that you are back!! I’m curious about the grocery shopping thing…do you mean you are buying different ingredients….or that you are budgeting less….or something different? Also, would love to have one of your bolognese recipes! Welcome back!!

  2. 1) So glad you are writing again – I think you have a unique, entertaining, informative and enormously enjoyable voice in your posts (as a 56 year old male, I am not your demographic target audience, so I hope this information is not a harbinger of your blogging demise)
    2) I am also curious about the Ugandan grocery influence – worth a post I think.
    3) What’s with choice about no caps?
    4) Poor Chrispy – shut up and write something!!!

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