A Snowy Birthday

Once upon a snowy weekend in Indiana, Max turned 6!   Saturday was the calm before the crazy weather, and we had a great day celebrating Max.  The day started with pancakes, ice cream, and sprinkles, which has fast become a birthday tradition around here.   Then, Max’s buddies from kindergarten came over to play and eat lunch…a mini-party!  It was so much fun to watch Max in his element!  They played fussball,  basketball, and Wii…Max’s favorite things!

IMG_7770 IMG_7782 IMG_7792After the friendstravaganza, Chris and Max headed to the IU basketball game, another birthday treat for the 6 year-old!  Too bad IU lost to Michigan State.

We spent the evening hunkering down at home, expecting snow and snow and more snow.   Well, the snow and ice and slush and drizzle all came all. day.  Sunday.  The boys tried to play in it, but came in with soaked-through snow pants.  Brrr!

Below zero temperatures settled in on Sunday night, and many lost power.  Ours only flickered, thankfully.  Thanks to our old house windows, though, we did get some crazy ice action INSIDE.  See?!  We are warm, though, and seriously, the ice is beautiful.  {Tell that to Chris, our Californian, who has been waiting for at least 45 minutes for his car to warm up this morning, and it’s still frozen. As I type this, I hear the scrapes of his shovel on the driveway.  Yikes!}IMG_7814


The temps are supposed to peak at 35 tomorrow, and the boys are supposed to head back to school after two extra Christmas break days yesterday and today.  We are all looking forward to jumping back into routine, but for today, we’ll watch Home Alone again {4th time!}, eat popcorn, build Legos, and wear jammies.  A great cap to a great vacation!

Oh!  And the day after Max turned 6, he finally lost that front tooth that’d been hanging on forever. Yay!




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