Highs & Lows

What I have for today is a list.  Highs and lows swirling around, needing a place to land.

For the highs…

Mike’s and Zoe’s wedding!  Beautiful, perfect, sunny and chilly Florida beach weather.  I made a little list of all the things I was grateful for just from that weekend alone.  It’s filed away for a blue day.  I celebrated turning 35 with my family, too, which I loved.  We drank red wine from 1979, my birth year, and he collected old pictures of me on many of my growing-up birthdays.  Double sweet.  Check out my Instragram feed to the right to see some wedding pics and if you follow #jamuginbillwedding you’ll see even more.


Wholy Fit.  A yoga-esque ministry at our church, good for my body and soul on these days when I look outside and see my frozen tundra of a yard.

My friend Abra and her husband launched a new business yesterday, Little Loves.  They are passionate about adoption and helping families all across the globe, and they are dreaming big!  Read their story, buy a shirt, and tell someone else!

I made a New Year’s Resolution, and I’ve had plenty of opportunities to practice.  The resolution?  To practice.  Practice not being perfect in every area of life.  I’m a do-er.  I get things done.  I can blaze through laundry, tasks, cooking, cleaning, and have a lot to show for it.  Productivity is my middle name.  But, I often give myself only two choices when facing life things.  Perfect or nothing.  And we all know that if you only have those two choices, you get nothing every time.  When it comes to running, keeping up the house, spending quality time with Chris or the boys, writing lesson plans for the littlest classes at church, anything.  Blogging.  The drive for perfection often keeps me from just practicing.  There are more than two choices in most life matters.  It’s time I explored those, so I’m practicing.  I’ve been leaving the dishes undone for a little while, inviting people into our messy and dirty house.  I’ve been pushing down the blogger voice that says, “It’s been too long between posts, just throw in the towel…”  I’ve been writing sub-par lesson plans that are actually just fine and practicing going on runs that are slower than normal and sometimes shorter.   Not pushing myself to the perfect limit feels good on me, and it’s only January.  That is a high on my list.

Our slow bathroom remodel is three tiny steps away from being finished.  Fill two holes, touch up two paint spots, and put up a shelf.  Bingo!

Snow school delays.  That means I’m awoken by boys instead of an alarm, and we have time for pancakes and face painting in the morning, and some washing of the dishes I left unwashed the day before.

For the lows…

Snow school delays.  It’s harder to jump into a routine when each day is different.  The cold temperatures kind of make me want to cry.

Our friend Kevin is still waiting for a healthy kidney.  The other night I was overwhelmed with helplessness.  It’s one of those situations when the do-er in me wants to do something just to make it better, fix it, tidy it up.  It’s all but tidy, though.   He had a donor and she was almost through her {long} testing process and today was ruled out for a health issue.  So today they start all over again.  And in the meantime, dialysis happens, the rest of life happens, and he’s fighting for health.  Would you pray for their family?

You know, I’m not sure of any other lows.  I should’ve titled this post Highs & 2 Lows.  The highs definitely win out.



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