Posted in February 2014

A Secret

Yesterday was a rough day for Cole and me.  I shouldn’t be surprised, really, because kids are kids and they screw up and need grace just like me.  But after the zillionth time of working through a situation with Cole over broken legos, not sharing, biting and critical words toward his brothers, and those little … Continue reading

I Am What I Write Down

I went to college at Miami University in Ohio, and I was a zoology major.  {Just give that a minute to settle in.}   I loved Miami, not sure why I chose zoology.   Maybe it’s because I liked my high school science classes?  Maybe it’s because I aspired to go on to earn a … Continue reading

It’s Good to be 3

Yesterday, I jumped into Zeke’s three-year-old-ness.  We donned our snow clothes, and together we tromped outside.  Thankfully this winter has come with plenty o’ sunshine!  Makes it easier to don and tromp. First, we rode sleds down our backyard hill.  Then, we did it again and sometimes we walked up the hill with “snow face”. … Continue reading