It’s Good to be 3


Yesterday, I jumped into Zeke’s three-year-old-ness.  We donned our snow clothes, and together we tromped outside.  Thankfully this winter has come with plenty o’ sunshine!  Makes it easier to don and tromp.

First, we rode sleds down our backyard hill.  Then, we did it again and sometimes we walked up the hill with “snow face”.  After that we made a snow block fort.   He was the filler and I was the stacker.   I have to admit that snow block mold was a clearance purchase well made.   In the middle of fort building, we played snow tongues.  You can guess what was involved!  And then more sledding, snowboarding attempts, angels, and snow ball throwing.

It was only when my cheeks started to freeze that I took a moment to realize my own three-year-old-ness.  I was having tons of fun, not caring about anything else.  I was warm {mostly} and refreshed {fully}.  I wondered to myself…why don’t I play like this more often?  Engage deeply, everything else thrown to the wind.  I encourage the boys to play, play, play, but I often don’t walk my talk.  Yes, yes, adults have responsibilities, jobs.  And yes, there are ideas and experiences and decisions and emotions to consider that make life more complicated.  But I want to present the case for a little three-year-old-ness mixed in.  A little play.  A little slowing-down-on-the-to-do-list, enough to enjoy snow face instead of being frustrated by it.

Now, please understand.  I do not always readily jump into play.  Especially when it’s some made up crazy game like Zombie Strike or even wrestling.  Ack.   Or when I feel taken over by dust bunnies or laundry mountains.  But, I want to ask God to peel back the blinders of my adult-ness more often and give me grace to feel the three-year-old-ness that lifted me up yesterday.  It is so good to be 3.

IMG_8099After a long while in the cold, Zeke and I came in for hot chocolate and Valentine making.  He loves cutting but isn’t so great at it yet.  So I drew some lines to guide him, and he felt like big stuff making hearts all on his own.  He asked me about snow in heaven, and if Bubba is afraid of wolves in heaven.  He wondered if our neighbors would like a card, so he made them one on the spot.  And he spent twice the amount of time counting his marshmallows as it took to actually drink them.  It is so good to be three.


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