Posted in April 2014

My Sabbath

I’ve been thinking about Sabbath lately.  It’s a new concept for me.  Not new in the sense that I’ve never heard of it, but new because I want to observe it.  Make it real for me and for my family. I’ve known the significance, but honestly, it’s been lost on me.  God rested after creating the … Continue reading

On Easter Eve

As far as I can remember, last night was my first Good Friday church service.  Ever.  It was sad and sobering.  A whole hour devoted to death.   I’m not comfortable with death, so I was a little squirmy.  I wasn’t comfortable sitting in it last night even for just an hour.  I kept thinking, … Continue reading

Adventures & Baseball

I’m convinced that an Adventurer lives down deep within me.  The pattern of my life has proven it so. I’ve sprinted through the Washington Dulles airport alone to catch a flight to Luxembourg, my home during the spring semester of my junior year at Miami.  I’ve summited two fourteeners in the Rockies and hiked over … Continue reading

The Old Ladies at Wendy’s

Zeke and I went out to lunch on Friday.  It was a rainy day, so after our library trip and before Kroger, we hit Wendy’s.   Every so often I get a glimpse of the day {soon} when all three boys are in school all. day. long.  I’ll be librarying and eating all by myself. … Continue reading

When You Don’t Feel Like It

Some people are disciplined.  They wake up at 5:30 a.m. to exercise.   They write blog posts twice weekly, and they plan their grocery lists just so, so that Thursday afternoon rolls around and they don’t have a moment of “oh crap, I’m out of diced tomatoes.”  Or, they’ve recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary … Continue reading