The Old Ladies at Wendy’s

Zeke and I went out to lunch on Friday.  It was a rainy day, so after our library trip and before Kroger, we hit Wendy’s.   Every so often I get a glimpse of the day {soon} when all three boys are in school all. day. long.  I’ll be librarying and eating all by myself.  So carpe diem!  Zeke picked Wendy’s.

We took our food to the little side room, full of windows.   On our way to an empty table, we passed a sweet little group of old women, lunching on Friday just like us.  From the moment we sat down, I heard nothing of what Zeke said.  No idea.  I was busy listening to the ladies.

What caught my attention first was the giggle mention of a Cadillac toaster.  What?!  Lady number one told of her broken 20-year-old toaster, her trip to Sears, and her conversation with the capable salesperson.  She wanted the simplest they had.  After all, things are so high tech now.   What the salesperson brought out to her must’ve been simple in some ways, but to her it was a Cadillac.  She had me at Cadillac.

The conversation then turned to each of their parking and driving issues, how walking up and down steps is hard enough.  Don’t even try to carry packages while doing so!  {giggle, giggle, eat another french fry} And then there were a few words about a political decision that the conservatives at Hobby Lobby made, and how there just aren’t enough conservatives around anymore.

I heard mouths full about The Big Bang Theory, which character is sleeping with which, the Indian who drinks, and science formulas to boggle their minds.  But, oh!  How funny!

These ladies spent a while chatting about the blessings in life.  One lady sported a cheesy scarf, covered in words.  All reminders of things to be grateful for.   The last thing I caught was excitement over the book, Chocolat.  Ever seen the movie?  These ladies really want to.   And actually, that wasn’t the last thing I heard.  The last thing I heard, as Zeke and I threw away our trash and headed toward the door, was “Wendy’s was such a great suggestion.  Where should we meet next week?”

So there you have it.  I was smitten for about half hour with old lady strangers, their mundane, their everyday.   At first thought, it was really silly.  Why pay attention to other people’s details?  The very reason I don’t like Facebook.  Too much information.  Then I realized that I wasn’t smitten with their details, however they were funny!  I was captured by their stories.  Laughter, eating, sharing, complaining, opinions, experiences.  I don’t know any back stories.  I don’t know how long they’ve been friends, what their weddings were like, or what careers their children have.  But I do know this.  They meet together on Fridays and tell stories.  Life stories.  Something must be real and deep about that, because they keep coming back.

Makes me think that, in a little while, when all three of our boys are in school all day long, I may just convince some friends to have a Friday lunch with me at Wendy’s.

{I lingered long enough to catch that he ladies will be at Bloomingfoods next week.  I’m tempted to eavesdrop again!}



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