My Sabbath

I’ve been thinking about Sabbath lately.  It’s a new concept for me.  Not new in the sense that I’ve never heard of it, but new because I want to observe it.  Make it real for me and for my family.

I’ve known the significance, but honestly, it’s been lost on me.  God rested after creating the world and all that live in and on it.  Keeping the Sabbath is one of the Ten Commandments.  But for me, eeh.  Rest shmest.   Keeping a Sabbath has never been so important, maybe even felt a bit rules-ish.  Until now.  And I think I’m figuring out why.

Some friends and I recently finished up the book Unglued, by Lysa TerKeurst.   The point?  Thinking through how and why we react over-emotionally to life situations, and seeing if some practical tips {and grace from God} may help wrangle those reactions.   Imperfect progress, she said.   Well, the last week of the study focused on Sabbath.  Lysa said that observing a Sabbath every week is really practicing eternity.  Resting from the rest of life’s focuses, and shifting your focus upward.  She also said that once you commit to resting each week, it’s apt to become part of your natural rhythm, and you may find that rest infiltrates the rest of your week too.  In other words, if you try it, you may get hooked.

A light bulb went on for me as I thought about Sabbath in this way, and I realized something fantastic.  I’m already keeping {and loving} the Sabbath! I just needed some good ol’ relational processing to name it!  Win!

 I think it’s because two of our boys are in school all day during the week.  I think it’s also because Sunday, at least until 12:30 p.m. or so, is a work day for me.  Whatever the reason, I’ve been intentional this school year to rest on the days we’re all home together.  To turn off my brain, kind of.  To make the weekend different than the weekdays, mainly because it IS different.  Nobody goes to school.  I flip way more grilled cheese sandwiches and pancakes, sometimes at the same time.  There’s a lot more dirt in the house, various stinky socks strewn about, balls bounced through the hallways.   Now that warm weather is here, there are pitchers of lemonade and bowls of apples and pretzels ready in just minutes, and heaps of bikes and sidewalk chalk on our driveway.  It’s different than the week.  So I’ve had to be different too.

Sabbath, lately, for me has been about those things I just mentioned, yes, but also it’s been about hanging laundry lazily on my backyard clothesline.  Watching baseball games.   Baking snickerdoodles or banana bread while the breeze blows through the house.  Napping on the sun porch or reading a book on the rainbow quilt, a treasure Chris brought into our marriage.   Sabbath means lots of bike rides, too.   For Chris it usually means an outdoor project or a few hours at Starbucks with his laptop, planning and dreaming, or even paying bills in peace.

I’ve often told Chris that I feel like the weekends are more work than the weekdays, and I believe that’s true.  I think that my heart has changed, though, about Sabbath.  If I deliberately rest, make the weekends different than the weekdays, somehow I’m honoring God’s intention for the Sabbath.  I’m refreshed when I hit the pillow after a weekend of people and workrest.  I’m practicing the things that I may get to do in heaven too.  Time with Chris and the boys, neighbors.  Time enjoying the things I love.  Being me.  Not just doing, doing, doing to make life function.  Some of that, yes.  But in my heart, the “I have to’s” stop and the “I get to’s” happen on the Sabbath.   {And I love it.}


A babysitter of ours rode for the Cru Cycling team in the I.U. women’s Little 500 race on Friday.  It was a blast to cheer for her team!

IMG_8981Cole is continuing in his baseball bravery.  He got a great hit on Saturday!  First at bat, first pitch!


Snickerdoodles from The Joy of Cooking.  Yum. IMG_8996My view from my backyard blanket.  Tent building with the neighbors.  Practicing for heaven.


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