Posted in September 2014

right now i am…

stunned that the lemonade stand raised $303 toward kevin’s kidney transplant {YAY!!} mediating pokemon card battles making this garden fresh tomato soup over and over, adding garlic listening to pandora christmas radio waking up later than I want to enjoying the cooler walks to the bus stop pondering elyse fitzpatrick’s latest book  painting anything and everything, including this pumpkin … Continue reading

The Moving Funk

Friends, the moving funk isn’t letting me go.   Where’s the groove I thought I’d have by now?  I check every day, hoping the remedy will secretly land in my mailbox, easy.  But no.  Glimmers of peace and normal {what’s that?} pop up more often now, but the sea of new still swirls.   Breathe. … Continue reading

The Story of our Summer

Maybe I should start by asking WHAT have we DONE?  Or THIS is why it’s Sept-what!-tember and I’m pulling my keyboard out of a moving box.  In Indianapolis. Here’s the story of our summer.  Back in March, Chris signed on with a restaurant company called Mooyah to be a 3 location franchise owner.  A lifelong … Continue reading