The Story of our Summer

Maybe I should start by asking WHAT have we DONE?  Or THIS is why it’s Sept-what!-tember and I’m pulling my keyboard out of a moving box.  In Indianapolis.

Here’s the story of our summer.  Back in March, Chris signed on with a restaurant company called Mooyah to be a 3 location franchise owner.  A lifelong dream, a very long time coming!  He searched for real estate for location #1 in Bloomington.  And he searched and searched.  Nothing and nothing even close to great came up.   At the same time, possibilities in Indianapolis popped and popped and kept on popping up.   Our plans fluttered out the window sometime in early June when, after another real estate meeting, Chris came home with the news that the Bloomington options were zero.   I’ll never forget the morning, it was a Saturday, when we stood in the kitchen over {his} coffee and {my} pancakes and asked the {very soft and whispery} question…what if we move to Indianapolis now?  What if we jump out in faith because we think this maybe might possibly could potentially be the direction God is leading us?

So we did what we do when we don’t know what else to do.  We got on our bellies on our dirty kitchen floor and we prayed.  Out loud.  We’ve prayed for friends, we’ve prayed for help, we’ve prayed for God to heal, we’ve prayed for circumstances.  You name it, we’ve prayed for it on the floor.  It’s the dirtiest place in the house, so it must be the best place to get humble.  Now please don’t get the idea that we’re ultra spiritual and we pray on our floor a lot.  It’s only out of desperation, folks.  And on that day, that’s what we were.   And a teeny bit excited.

After that we called our realtor {we had just moved into our house a year before…} and in a few days, the Prudential sign was up and we had, without speaking at all really, announced to the neighbors and what felt like the world, our leap.

We did swimming lessons, hung out with friends and neighbors, worked, and spent two weeks in Michigan.  I kind of pretended that this huge change wasn’t really happening, and that worked for a while.  Until I came home from Michigan and went out to dinner with friends for, what I soon figured out, was a sort of goodbye dinner.  YIKES.  They showered me and another moving-soon-friend with cards and gifts and words of encouragement.  Lovely, but I came home and cried on the couch.  Not a box had been packed, not a goodbye said.  But it felt like the end already.

We had an offer on our home within ten days.  We made tons of lightning-speed plans.  We offered on two new homes that both fell through, and then Chris found us a home and we offered on that one before I had stepped foot inside.  I quit my little part-time church job.  Chris made plans to continue working for IU…a mix of commuting and working remotely.  We moved into my parents’ house on August 1, and our boys started school in Indianapolis on August 4.  I drove them to and from our new neighborhood bus stop for three weeks, and Zeke started preschool too.   We spent the weekends in Bloomington, and finally, we closed on both homes on. the. same. day.

Now we live in Indianapolis.   And it’s September.   The reality is that we are tired and sometimes mixed up, we are anxious about the still many unknowns, and we are grateful.   So. Grateful.


3 thoughts on “The Story of our Summer

  1. I am so happy for you….pray for you often…and remember Fred’s (Bubba’s) words “God is in charge…Trust in Him and He will direct your path”… He is! Lots of love, Judy xo

  2. Oh the joys of moving and saying goodbye. God always works in the pain and the hard. I continue To pray for you and the family as you settle into your new life in Indy. Blessings dear one.

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