The Moving Funk

Friends, the moving funk isn’t letting me go.   Where’s the groove I thought I’d have by now?  I check every day, hoping the remedy will secretly land in my mailbox, easy.  But no.  Glimmers of peace and normal {what’s that?} pop up more often now, but the sea of new still swirls.   Breathe.  I’m trying.   Mustering to believe that God is near.  Continuing to shape and forgive and create new in me out of what feels flat and blah.  I read this article today that helped.   Thank you, Emily Freeman.

I don’t have fix-it answers.  If I did then I would’ve kicked the funk out weeks ago.  But I do have some things!  I have processed after-school snacks that make our boys happy.  I have a loving husband who took an entire day off of both of his jobs to take me to breakfast and hang things on the walls of our not-so-homey-yet home.   My tears have soaked his shirts more days than not on this new and wild adventure.  For better and for worse, peeps.  This is is my worse.  I have family here, too.  Family who bring encouragement and Chick fil-A over for lunch, pick up Zeke from preschool, buy us a new vacuum cleaner, drop off homemade spaghetti sauce and gift cards.   God has poured on the lavish gifts, and we are grateful.

And I also have friends!  Mostly far and hopefully some soon near.  I spent the weekend with my dearest Bloomington friends just ten days or so ago, and it was a breath of fresh air.


These friends are leading brave lives.  I recently read Annie Downs’s book Let’s All Be Brave, and I should’ve made a list then why each of these friends are brave.   Instead, just one.  Mindy in the pink!  Mindy’s husband, Kevin, needs a kidney transplant, like now.  He’s been through a mess already, and is currently on dialysis at home while he waits.  While Kevin waits, Mindy has kicked it into gear.  While her girls are in school, she teaches preschool and she heads up the early childhood ministry at church.   Mindy is brave.   She’s not Super Woman, but she knows that Jesus is her anchor and she also knows that she needs help.

That’s where you come in! Our church in Bloomington has put together a fundraising campaign to help them raise the money to cover what Kevin’s insurance won’t.  And since we aren’t there to help, we’ve drummed up our own plan.  We’re going to have a lemonade stand on Saturday in our new neighborhood and give all of the funds to Kevin and Mindy for the transplant!  We made signs last night, and Chris and the boys took them out tonight to spread the word.   One lady they met said that her husband is a kidney recipient and she’d welcome as many signs in her yard as we could put out!  Another man said he’d be out of town on Saturday, so he just gave them $10 on the spot.   Awesome, just awesome.

So while I may still be in a moving funk, it seems smaller when I take the microscope off of myself.  I can create something to help, something to help bring life.  I can make lemonade and cookies, and we can ask God to move on Kevin’s behalf.   And if you want to jump in, watch their story and head over to their gofundme site.   Boom. Get Kevin a kidney.


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