right now i am…

stunned that the lemonade stand raised $303 toward kevin’s kidney transplant {YAY!!}

mediating pokemon card battles

making this garden fresh tomato soup over and over, adding garlic

listening to pandora christmas radio

waking up later than I want to

enjoying the cooler walks to the bus stop

pondering elyse fitzpatrick’s latest book 

painting anything and everything, including this pumpkin

finding peace while creating

praying through this moving funk

drawing with chalk on the back patio

folding mountains of laundry

organizing our office area with colorful things

anticipating our michigan fall break trip

grateful for three quiet weekday mornings

researching classes to renew my teaching license

celebrating chris’s first mooyah location {opening early 2015}

blending ice and leftover lemonade, daily

writing more, doing this and {maybe} doing this

wishing mike a happy, happy birthday today!








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