A Pep Talk

I am {not} a writer.  But maybe I am.  I’m feeling floopy about it really.

What I do know is that somewhere in my heart and soul depths I know I need to write.  I’m smitten with it.  It gives me life.  That doesn’t mean I sit down faithfully, face to face with this space.  And that doesn’t mean that I am good at it.  It doesn’t mean I always know what to write about, what to say.  It does mean that right now I need a pep talk, though.  So, warning.  This will be a writing-story-post, and maybe you, too, will be pepped up to pursue what makes you swoony.

I’ve always hated writing. Writing in the conventional way.  My high school composition folder is smushed full of criticism, hidden in our basement.  Punctuation mistakes, red pen marks.   The required class left me with a less-than-desirable grade, a smudge on my report card.  Ick.  In college I dreaded writing papers.  The format scared me, not the content.  No freedom, only rules.  I am first-born rule-follower.  You get the picture.

Then, I learned to teach children about writing, how to write.  The rules, yes.  But more.  During my teaching years, I gave myself license to word play.  I didn’t hate writing as much that way.   And things started to change.

The other day I think I walked by the computer at least twenty times thinking that in just a little bit I’d sit down to write this brewing post.  But the dishes.  And the Colts game.  And the kids are off school again.  I’m a good procrastinator, avoider.  Aren’t we all?  It may have a been a gift to me that day, though, because as I avoided writing, my mind flooded with wordy images from my life.  Threads that maybe mean that writing really does make sense for me.

The boxes of bulging journals downstairs.  The Dear Mr. Henshaw book project from my language arts education class, all about how writing is portrayed in children’s literature.   The husband God gave me, who I grew to love deeply over months of email and AOL instant messenger.  The Frankly Speaking blog that began in 2001 and still beats today.  My favorite movie, Julie & Julia.  I lllooovvveee the cooking parts. {Yum!} But what I think I love more are the writing parts.   Julie and Julia find life and hope and perseverance through writing.  It’s their art.

I’m learning that art is what we make when we live more fully the way God intended us to live.  How he made us to be, the job he planned for us to do.  Not a specific vocation or the work of your hands, because those may change. It’s more of a general thing.  Like the truth in Ephesians 2:10.  For we are God’s workmanship, created in Chris Jesus to do good works, which he planned in advance for us to do.  It may be singing on the stage, it may be installing floors.  It may be bartending for toddlers or filing bazillions of bills.   But it’s not nothing.  It’s art that God made you to make, and in so doing, you bring Him glory.

What if for me it’s writing here?  A bunch of people say a bunch of things all over this wide internet.  Could be reason enough to give up.  But, for me, it’a deep belly fluttering that doesn’t disappear.  So I will write on, I will frankly speak, believing that it’s art God made me to make.

How’s that for a pep talk?


5 thoughts on “A Pep Talk

  1. It’s a great pep talk. For you – and me. Thanks for sharing this, Anne. I heard a quote at a YL musician summit that went like this: “Music was created in the throne room of God. We as musicians should try to point our audience back to that place with everything we create.” Sounds like you’re on a good path to do that in your own way. I look forward to reading more from you!

  2. Bravo Anne!! So crazy cause I was having one of those draggy kind of days! My client cancelled for today and I was kind of lost. Been laying here watching tv and my mind drifting. Then I check my FB and see your blog…….. Yes, keep writing!

  3. Keep writing, Anne! You are amazing …(as I’ve said many times before)! Your Blog spoke to me…. something I needed to hear! Thanks..xo

  4. I love it Anne! I wish we could chat. It’s so cool that you are feeling stirred to write! And, it’s a blessing!

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