Posted in September 2008

Just Right

It’s a perfect fall day here, and there’s nothing like an afternoon snack in an egg carton on the porch swing, right?  It’s a great container for little hands, and endless options of healthy (and not so healthy, too…) snacks fit inside.  Today Cole chose goldfish crackers and bananas!   P.S.  Max is still around, … Continue reading


Today was great!  Chris and Cole went to The Village Deli for breakfast (banana chocolate chip pancakes…yum!) while I took Max for a run around campus.  It’s so much easier pushing just one kid in the stroller!  The boys and I then visited Kroger for our weekly grocery trip and came home for lunch.  Chris … Continue reading

Porch Lunching

The boys and I had lunch out on our screened in porch today, and it was really fun!  Afterwards, I asked Cole to babysit Max while I did the lunch dishes and went to the bathroom.  It was a matter of 10 minutes, but he willingly did it!  They happily played with cars.  I paid … Continue reading

All Things Pumpkin

I love all things pumpkin!  Even though the weather is still in the 80’s, I am breaking out fall recipes. I just can’t help myself.  So for dinner the other night we had Pumpkin Flaxseed French Toast.  We used banana pieces to make faces and designs…the teacher in me!  Now, this sounds complicated but in … Continue reading

Mmm Mmm Good

Chris’s sister, Misi, is in town for the weekend from Southern CA.  She is on the store design team for Nordstrom and was able to come this past week to help open the new store in Indianapolis and then stay a few days with us in Bloomington.  It’s been great having her here!  Tonight she … Continue reading

Photography 101

This is what happens when you put orange paper in front of your flash as you take a shot.   Orange boys!   We tried an orange post-it note and a few colors of construction paper.  The post-it note worked great, but the construction paper was too heavy to make a good effect.   Try … Continue reading

Quick Trip

A few days ago the boys and I went up to Indianapolis.  We visited my Grandma Jean who had recently arrived home from the hospital.  She’s doing great!  My mom and I went to the Nordstrom Opening Gala on Thursday night, too.  It was fun!  I had never seen real people posing like mannequins…a strange … Continue reading

PSA Essentials

Chris and I received this gift for Christmas last year and we love it!  Several people have asked us about it, and I recently found an ad for it in a magazine.  So there you go.  Happy shopping!

Oh Deer!

  This afternoon Cole and I watched three deer snack on the plants in our neighbor’s yard.  Oh deer!  

Holiday Spirits

October 28, 2008.  Buy this at a store near you…itunes or otherwise.   If that didn’t quench your thirst, check this out.    My brother is Mike Luginbill.  We are SO excited!