Posted in August 2012

Zeke is Funny!

Once upon a time, there was a cat.  The cat tried running, and it goed into a bush! OH my word.  This kid.  We crack up all the time! Advertisements

Max’s Day

Max started preschool today!  He will go to the green class three mornings every week.  He counted down the days to #22 (August 22), and it’s even more special because Leighton is here.   This morning, he asked for supplies to draw a picture for both of his teachers and wanted two ziploc baggies to … Continue reading

Here She Comes!

The boys’ cousin, Leighton, is here with us this week!  Whoop!  She’s starting 8th grade in a few weeks in CA, so it’s still summer vacation for her.  We’ve done lots of Bloomington-ish things during her visit…hunted for geodes and stomped in Jackson Creek, toured the I.U. campus, visited the Wonderlab and the park.  The … Continue reading

The Littles

M and Z and I have a lot of time together now that C is in school all day.  It’s been fun!  We’ve met friends at the park a few times and played a lot in the back yard thanks to such wonderful weather.   The afternoons are much quieter now that C isn’t here … Continue reading

First Grade

Waiting for the Bus It’s coming!  It’s coming! He’s home!  One tired Coleman. Max and Cole debriefing the day.  Well, Max is recounting his Mario Kart races.  Cole is eating yogurt.  Max sure did miss his big brother today! 

One Year Older

Chris turned 38 on Friday!  He took the afternoon off and played basketball with the boys in the driveway.  That night, we had a mini family party including dinner and Melt Your Face Chocolate Cake.  Then we headed out with friends to Starbucks and to see The Bourne Legacy.  It was a fun day!


We’ve been a little grumpy since Michigan.  Myself included.  Cole, in an exasperated mood yesterday, drew this and threw it at me yesterday.  He said, “This is You!”  Notice the hearts, the sad face, and a huge orange X crossing out the hearts.  Ouch. Thankfully, today has been a great day!  One, it’s Chris’s birthday. … Continue reading

MI #2

The boys and I are home from another great week in Michigan.  It was full of fun people, tubing, swimming, and breezy days.  Just the way we like it!  OH!  And food!