Posted in February 2009


Santa brought me a waffle iron for Christmas. My new habit is to make waffles a couple of times each week for breakfast. It’s seriously easy and I choose waffles over pancakes and french toast simply because of the easy clean up and the gourmet presentation! Sometimes we eat waffles with applesauce, sometimes with banana … Continue reading

Thumbs & Blankets

Three of Max’s upper teeth are busting through this week.  He has a temperature of 101.5, a runny nose, and is very sleepy.  Cole has a cold, a wheezing cough, and is also very sleepy.    Two under-the-weather boys meant long afternoon naps today…3 hours…and more time than normal parked on the couch with thumbs … Continue reading


Cole and I experimented in the kitchen this morning!  We filled Dixie cups with vinegar and we filled a bowl with baking soda.  I gave Cole a spoon and off to work he went.   We laughed and laughed as the volcanoes erupted!   Practical note:  All you need is about a tablespoon of each … Continue reading


So Cole was just sitting on the toilet waiting for something to happen (if you know what I mean)… and he was reading one of his favorite books: the Indiana University book. It has pictures of sports, buildings, activities, and lyrics to IU fight songs. So what we heard was him singing to himself “for … Continue reading


                                  Exclusive Valentine’s Day placemats by Chris & Cole Designs.  Chris:  brilliant idea, tracing, letters, project manager Cole:  cutting, stickers, design manager

From Cole’s Mouth

The other morning I was making dinner for a friend in the kitchen.  Cole wanted to listen to an audio story on the computer while he played with his construction site and matchbox cars.  When the story was over, the computer shuffled to the next song; a Christmas song.  I just let it play and … Continue reading

Impromptu Swordfight

The weather has been perfect for playing outside here in Bloomington, so we’ve taken advantage.   Yesterday Cole showed Max the ways of outside play by introducing him to sticks, rocks (yikes!), and bulldozers filled with dirt and mulch.   Max is still in the “put everything in your mouth” stage, so we quickly opted … Continue reading

Snow Tub

Perfect for bulldozing, tasting, and some chilly winter fun on a very chilly winter day.

Really Walkin’

                      Well, Max just walked away from me with my cell phone.  He’s really walkin’ now!  He can’t keep up with Cole yet, but I’m sure that will take no time.   What a fun new stage! Sidenote:  I was hoping to have great news … Continue reading