Posted in June 2010

Racin’ Time

I am on a mission.  My mission: Learn more about boys. I find myself so frustrated sometimes.  Why did you kick your brother in the stomach?  Why did you pee in the trash can?  Why, when playing tea party at a friend’s house who happens to be a girl, did you throw all of the … Continue reading


Don’t you just love this face?  Ready for anything! I am so thankful for Cole.  He is smart and creative and very mechanical.  He is hilarious in a very dry sort of way.   He wears his emotions on his sleeve.   And even though his 4 year-old-ness has challenged us, we are so thankful … Continue reading

Catching Up

A few highlights from lately… Zeke is talking up a storm!  He responds when we talk to him, and he especially loves it when Cole and Max interact with him.  He’s so calm and happy, and he has definitely discovered his hands.  I’ve caught him talking to the toys on his rocker chair and reaching … Continue reading

Bakehouse Loot

Thanks to Chris’s internship at Scholar’s Inn/The Bakehouse this summer, THIS is what we chose from for dessert after dinner tonight.  This was ONE of the boxes he brought home.   He used all of these delicious goodies for a photo shoot today and they were going to be thrown away.  Ah!  We sampled a … Continue reading

DIY Baby Wipes

A friend gave me this gift when Zeke was born.  DIY baby wipes.  I’m telling you…I LOVE them.   She gave me a square plastic container with instructions on the lid, a package of Bounty napkins, and a small bottle of Johnson & Johnson head-to-toe baby wash.   Cheap and easy and oh, so soft!


Tonight was not what we expected.  It’s been a long week. So, we decided to take a short family walk before baths and bedtime.  True to form, the boys begged to jump in mud puddles along the way.  We finally conceded to the huge puddle on our street since it was close to home and … Continue reading


Zeke is 10 weeks old today, and let me tell you…he is fantastic!   Look at those chubby legs and that chin dimple!  We have a great pattern going, too.   He eats and naps at about the same times each day, and since the weekend he has been sleeping from 10:30 p.m. to 7:30 … Continue reading


The poses:  crescent moon, letter X, downward dog, flying bird Cole and I did some yoga together this afternoon thanks to the free stuff that comes on demand on our TV.   It was out of necessity, really.   We’ve been having a hard time with Cole lately, and today was no exception.  A morning … Continue reading