Posted in April 2013


We’ve felt so welcomed in our new neighborhood.  One neighbor brought us chili and homemade rolls for dinner, and our playset has been so busy with new friends!   I’m not going to lie, though.  I feel out of control every afternoon after school because I never know who will show up hoping to play. … Continue reading

My Faves

Moving is hard. New routines, new homes for regular things like silverware.   To keep my sanity, I’ve needed to get creative maybe sooner than necessary.  There are still boxes to unload and rooms to clean, but friends, my closet is complete.  Big sigh.  Our master bedroom has two small closets.  Removing the closet doors … Continue reading

Birthday Boys

Cole turned 7 last week, and Zeke turned 3 this week!  Hip hip hooray for the birthday boys!  On Cole’s birthday, I sent Rice Krispie treats in to school, we ate dinner at Steak ‘n Shake, and he requested chocolate mousse pie.  Delish!  On Zeke’s birthday, he had a few buddies over for a birthday … Continue reading

Goodbye, Dekist Street

We said goodbye to Dekist Street almost two weeks ago.  Gosh, it feels like so long ago!  It was a Sunday afternoon and we went to gather the last of our things, sweep the floors, and leave our keys.   As I swept, tears dripped down my cheeks as I remembered how many prayers we … Continue reading