Posted in December 2010

Big Boys

  Boy, are these boys getting BIG!   Max has been asking for a basketball, so with some Christmas money from Aunt Debbie, we bought him his very own mini ball.  It’s been fairly warm here, so Max has been out shooting hoops.  Today I asked, “Max, are you like Kobe?”  He replied, while running, … Continue reading

Merry Merry

His first Christmas and he’s working the present in his candy cane suit.  Love. Lots of Hungry Hungry Hippos happened on Christmas morning.  Max ate the most hippo food.  Figures! The best part of Christmas day?  My entire family went sledding together.  Dad, mom, Mike, Zoe, Chris, me, Cole, Max, Zeke, and Mike’s dog, Yogi. … Continue reading


The boys and I visited the IU Art Museum this morning.  This painting by Stuart Davis (I think…) was one of our favorites!  It was like hidden pictures…we found a snake, glasses, a slide, a house, ladders, and more!

Hiding Places

One of Zeke’s favorite hiding places is under our kitchen table.  He climbs over and under the wooden pieces and loves to smile back at us when we catch him under there!  He also loves to hide in his tunnel, under the Christmas tree, and behind the green chair in our living room where the … Continue reading

Penny Racers

I think I’ve mentioned here before how wonderful our next door neighbors, Dave and Dorothy, are.  They deserve mention again!  Last weekend, Dave invited Cole and Max over to make penny racers.  Wooden cars that cost only about a penny to make!  Dave has his own golf club making business, so he has lots of … Continue reading

Omi & Grandbob. Me, too.

Omi and Grandbob are braving the winter roads to come visit us down in Bloomington for lunch today.  The boys are especially excited and talking about all of the fun things they want to do with them. By the way, I (Chris) am re-establishing myself as a blog contributor.  e.g. Facebook post, Mario Brothers, Caroling … Continue reading

Singing Boys

It’s not quite the Vienna Boys Choir, although one of them was born in Vienna.  Cole and Max have been singing Christmas songs all the time – both prompted and spontaneously.  Their repertoire seems to expand every few days too (We Three Kings is in the works).

Break time!

I’m on break from class for 3 weeks!  It’s so nice, but I can tell its going to take me a few days to recover.  I’ve been fighting one cold after another since Thanksgiving.  Good things in store though – fun times with family and friends this week including a fair share of Mario Brothers … Continue reading

Away in a Manger

I am a teacher, and I just can’t help myself.   I often wonder if or when I will get the opportunity to teach in the classroom again someday.  Chris and I joke that I will need to teach again when our boys are too old to go along with my silly ideas at home! … Continue reading

Up to…

We’ve been baking Christmas cookies for our neighbors!  Sugar cookie trees and angels, gingersnaps, chocolate cookies, and pretzel treats.  Our little bakers did a fantastic job! Zeke is standing up…oh my! We’ve had a few snow days home from preschool thanks to the frigid temperatures, especially in the morning.  Who wants to play outside in … Continue reading