Posted in March 2011

Floury Writing

When we dropped Cole off at preschool today, Max saw the table with trays of flour and colored salt and made a bee line straight to it!   I got him to leave by promising him his own tray of flour at home.  So he spent a little while doing some floury writing this morning. … Continue reading


Birthday-Boy-Cole had a wonderful day on Saturday!  Presents first thing and chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  Monkey Joe’s in the afternoon.  Family dinner and a volcano cake to top off the day.  Happy Happy 5th Birthday Cole!  

Super Supermoon

                Chris’s telephoto lens trumped my small point-and-shoot.  A.  Ma.  Zing.   Can you see it out your window or from your driveway?


We had a lot of fun in Florida!  It helped pass the time while Chris was in Africa, that’s for sure.  Max spent a lot of time drawing with wet sidewalk chalk on the edges of the pool, and of course Cole loved blasting his water gun to wash it off.  Zeke loved the swing … Continue reading


Tonight is Supermoon night!  Unfortunately, wispy clouds and our street’s location didn’t allow for such a great view.   Still…I took a moment on our back porch to behold the supermoon and was thankful to be home.   Chris arrived safely home from two weeks in Ghana.  The boys and I arrived safely home from … Continue reading


Greetings from Ghana!  I’m here for 2 weeks with a program from the IU business school to help some local businesses.  My team is working in particular with a jewelry company called Emefa which has been great so far.  I need to get some sleep, so I’ll just let a couple pictures do the talking.

Candy Land

I walked into the kitchen at 7:30 a.m. today and found Max playing Candy Land with himself.  He loves to find the “special” cards and save those for the appropriate time!   Upon noticing me he said, “Mom, after I get to the Candy Castle I will have breakfast.”  Glad he has a plan.   … Continue reading

This Week

Nasty sinus colds attacked Chris and I this week.  His is mostly gone and mine, well, it’s still attacking.   We are so grateful to my mom who drove down, played with the boys, and did laundry and dishes!   We ventured out for a walk in yesterday afternoon’s sunshine, too, which was refreshing.  C … Continue reading