Posted in May 2012

Two Summer Goals

We’re on day 4 of summer-adjust-mode if you don’t count Memorial Day weekend.  (We had a GREAT one in Indianapolis with lots of family!)  Everyone needs a little grace for the transition.   In light of this, I adopted two goals for our summer.  One, practice loving one another.  Drive home the idea that every … Continue reading

Splash Bombs

Water war raged in our back yard this afternoon.  Splash bombs flew!  Thank you, Pinterest, for the great idea.  


Cole graduated from Kindergarten yesterday!  What?!  A wonderful year, indeed.  Elizabeth (pictured) and Wendy, Cole’s teachers, gave and gave and gave, and they loved and loved and loved each and every day.   They created a rich learning environment for Cole’s class, and we feel incredibly grateful!  They read stories, made art, watched butterflies grow, … Continue reading

Hikes & Cones & Lego Dudes

Chris returned home the other day from about a week in California.  He attended a beautiful memorial service in honor of his dad.  The boys and I were sad to miss it.  However, during our week together sans daddy, the boys and I stayed very busy!   We stomped in a creek with friends, we … Continue reading

Deep River

This is the love story of the ones who mostly raised my husband.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  You can find the rest of the Deep River chapters about Fred Frank’s life on YouTube.  What a legacy…

Planting and Alfresco Art

Danielle visited last weekend!  Unfortunately, no pictures.  We had too much fun!  We decorated cookies, had a campfire and s’mores, watched The Muppets, ate lunch at Bloomington Sandwich Company, and played a lot of corn hole in the back yard.  Fun! This week we’ve been planting and painting and spending lots of time outside.  Slipping … Continue reading