Posted in May 2010


Rolling down hills…what can be better?  We spent the morning at Building & Trades Park and loved every minute.  Zeke napped while Cole and Max got sweaty running, climbing, and rolling. I am so excited about so many things today, too, that I need to share.  Here’s my list:  a great park visit with the … Continue reading


The best part about weekends is that Chris is home!  During his summer internship, his hours are weekdays from 9 to 5.  What a major relief from the school schedule!   Yesterday afternoon the boys ate their snack on the porch swing together. The other best part about weekends is that Chris and I manage … Continue reading


Thanks to Chris’s costume collection, we had a blast with some friends this morning!  Dress up, face paint, snacks on the porch.  Never mind the inevitable tornado of toys and the rain rain rain that we’ve been enduring.  This morning was refreshing!   Now if the sun would please come out this weekend…


Today was haircut day!  A first for Max, so we made it a special outing.  First to Great Clips and then to Panera for a treat.  Zeke slept through it all.  Soon enough, though,  it’ll be haircuts for three!

Farmer’s Market

We enjoyed a great visit with Chris’s parents!  A highlight was taking them to the Bloomington Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning.  The first week we went it was freezing, but the second week was perfect.  The boys rode bikes down the B Line trail that winds through downtown, and we watched the guitar player and … Continue reading


Albeit blurry (thanks, camera…), we captured Zeke’s smile!   One day shy of 6 weeks old.  It gives me butterflies every time I see it.  Oh happy day!


Chris’s parents are visiting from CA, and Zeke decided to wake up for them!  Lucky Gammy and Bubba!

Bug Hunt

Max wanted to hunt for bugs the other day.  So off we went!  We peeked underneath rocks, behind trees, in corners, and we dug around in the dirt and mulch.  We collected creatures in an old yogurt container with holes poked in the top.  What did we collect?  I bet you are wondering!  A snail, … Continue reading