Posted in August 2011


Last night we packed his snack together.  He packed his backpack with the essentials.  We prayed for the first day, and then we said goodnight.  He wasn’t nervous at all!  This morning he bounced out of bed with excitement, got dressed, and raced into the kitchen for breakfast.  And when we arrived at school, Cole … Continue reading

The Last Week

We’ve been counting down!  No more weeks left until Kindergarten.  During this last summer week we did some fun things!  We went hiking at Lake Griffy.  Cole held Zeke’s hand (during the 50 feet I let him walk), we saw lots of animals, and burned a lot of energy in a shady quiet place.  We’ve … Continue reading


We’re neck deep in a big project around here.  The boys’ room is being overhauled…finally!  Now that all three of them share a room, it’s time for something new.  And the walls were covered in painted over wallpaper…eek.  So our neighbor drywalled the room last weekend (read: generous and FREE!), and this week we’ve been … Continue reading

Back In It

It takes a few days to get back in the swing of life after vacation…blogging goes by the wayside.   Cole and Max spent some time being “super” in their super capes this week.  They flew around the backyard most afternoons…the weather has been beautiful!   Max’s latest super power is cage power.  He put … Continue reading

MI 2011

After Atlantic City, we headed straight up to Northern MI for two weeks.   We played, we ate, we played, and we ate.  We slept some, too.  And we discovered some things.  Zeke is fearless in the water, and loves to talk about water.  All. The.  Time.  I guess he takes after his big brothers! … Continue reading

Atlantic City

              A couple of weeks ago, Chris and I spent a weekend in Atlantic City!  We went to see Mike, who is singing with Straight No Chaser at Harrah’s Casino all summer long.   We saw the show, Back to the Shore, twice and it was fantastic!  We toured … Continue reading