Posted in July 2013

Max’s Dream

  Max’s dream just may be to play basketball for IU.  It certainly is evident by how he spends his time!  We have a double shot basketball game in our basement.  It keeps score for you, and if you achieve 30 points in 30 seconds, you get 15 more seconds.  If you achieve 6o points … Continue reading

Michigan Favorites

Michigan was fantastic this year.  Every. Single. Person. Was. There.  All 25!  Hooray!  There were donuts and fireworks, s’mores and go karts.  I got up on a wakeboard, too!   There was a lot of yoga, thanks to Zoe, and many, many sand bar trips, thanks to Zeke.  There were toe injuries, kites to fly, … Continue reading

Dorothy & My Clothesline

  Dorothy was our neighbor on Dekist Street.  Max used to call her Dorfy.  I learned a lot living next door to Dorothy for those five years.  She taught me a trick to make a box cake taste like it came from a bakery.  She taught me when to plant and when to water and … Continue reading

Neighborhood Rides

Zeke left for Michigan a few days early, so while Chris is at work today and tomorrow, it’s just the big brothers and me.   While of course we LOVE Zeke and his comedy and spunk, it’s been much quieter around here and a bit slower, too.  Like Chris said today, Zeke has quite the … Continue reading