Posted in April 2012

We Love Bubba Too

I flew from Chicago to Orange County, California, on Sunday to be with Chris and his family for a special graveside service honoring Bubba.  (A memorial service will be in early May.)  I wrote a post about my favorite father-in-law on his 76th birthday in February, and secretly hoped I wouldn’t write another post about … Continue reading

The Facts and Chicago

Let’s start with the facts. First, Chris’s dad went to heaven on Sunday, April 15.  More in the next post.  Second, my grandpa turned 90 on April 20.  Third, in a span of five days I slept in Indiana, Illinois, California, and again in my own bed in Indiana.   I’m happy to be home! … Continue reading

The Empty Tomb

I don’t feel like blogging about Easter.  It was great and not so great.  I mean, there were great parts.  The tomb rolls, the Easter garden the boys and I made last week together.  The time spent with lots of family, especially my grandparents and my cousin Rob, home from New Zealand.  But.  Chris was … Continue reading

Little Things

It’s a privilege to spend my days with these boys, and it’s usually the little things make our time together such fun.  Last week, M and Z and I visited the library and took a walk downtown.  We’ve been spending a lot of time at the park lately, too, where Zeke continues to try new … Continue reading

Zeke is 2!

Zeke-O is 2 today!  What a funny little guy.  He did the honors of singing to himself on his special day.  We celebrated Zeke today with candles in his oatmeal, three different renditions of Happy Birthday, cake, and lots of playtime outside with his new big red ball. We are so grateful for our little … Continue reading