Posted in October 2012

My Real Life

A snapshot from my real life. Last week our bathroom started flooding.  We stopped it.  It happened again on Friday and then the boys’ bathroom flooded on Saturday.  On that same day, our basement started flooding.  We were really wet.  After hours of Chris being the Indiana Jones of plumbing, we still couldn’t resolve the … Continue reading

Weekend Away

Thanks to my wonderful husband, I spent a weekend away with friends from college in Charlotte, NC!  It was refreshing to be with these life-long friends…well, half my life I’ve known them (wow, I’m old!). We shopped, talked, ate a lot, and enjoyed pedicures.  And even though our daily paths don’t cross, I’m super grateful … Continue reading

Leaves & Posters

We’ve been LOVING the leaves in the back yard.  They’re so colorful, blustery, and crunchy.  Great for sliding into, raking, throwing, you name it! Max worked hard on his preschool poster this week, too.  The goal is to help Max’s classmates and teachers get to know him more, so we included most of his favorite … Continue reading

Big Kid

  Well, we officially have a big kid around here.  I’ve been resisting admitting it!   Last week, Cole gave us the grand tour of his school during the open house.  He confidently introduced us to his teachers and his class gerbils!  He showed off his writing and science journals, and we ate pizza for … Continue reading

Frankly Married

Chris and I celebrated our ten year anniversary last week on October 5.  Ten years, seriously?!  The boys hung out with my parents for the weekend, and Chris and I dashed over to Hocking Hills, OH, to hike and relax and visit with a close friend of Chris’s mom.  It was beautiful and very relaxing! … Continue reading


As promised.  The closet turned cozy reading space.  It’s best with flashlights!  

Uncle Andrew

About two weeks ago, my cousin Andrew came to town for a few days.  The boys call him Uncle Andrew.  He brought Nerf dart guns, and oh my, were they a hit!  After he left we made targets in the basement to avoid people being the targets.   Shoot ’em!