The Undones and Waiting-to-be-finisheds

Chris and I are like this.  We love it when things are complete.  When things are tidied up, perfect with their own little red bow.  We love it because we somehow believe that then we can relax. More often than not, though, this is not our reality. Take Sunday.  We emptied every kitchen cabinet and drawer, in … Continue reading

A Pep Talk

I am {not} a writer.  But maybe I am.  I’m feeling floopy about it really. What I do know is that somewhere in my heart and soul depths I know I need to write.  I’m smitten with it.  It gives me life.  That doesn’t mean I sit down faithfully, face to face with this space.  And … Continue reading

About Pleasing People and Exiting the Funk

Happy Monday, friends.   Newsflash!  I think it’s safe to say that I’ve exited the moving funk.  Thank you,  December.  Your holiday buzzing helps!  Truthfully, I’m a billion-fold-times grateful to be four months into this new Indianapolis season, and feeling healthy across the board.  {Breathe a huge sign of relief.} It wasn’t sheer bootstrap-pulling up, but … Continue reading

right now i am…

stunned that the lemonade stand raised $303 toward kevin’s kidney transplant {YAY!!} mediating pokemon card battles making this garden fresh tomato soup over and over, adding garlic listening to pandora christmas radio waking up later than I want to enjoying the cooler walks to the bus stop pondering elyse fitzpatrick’s latest book  painting anything and everything, including this pumpkin … Continue reading

The Moving Funk

Friends, the moving funk isn’t letting me go.   Where’s the groove I thought I’d have by now?  I check every day, hoping the remedy will secretly land in my mailbox, easy.  But no.  Glimmers of peace and normal {what’s that?} pop up more often now, but the sea of new still swirls.   Breathe. … Continue reading

The Story of our Summer

Maybe I should start by asking WHAT have we DONE?  Or THIS is why it’s Sept-what!-tember and I’m pulling my keyboard out of a moving box.  In Indianapolis. Here’s the story of our summer.  Back in March, Chris signed on with a restaurant company called Mooyah to be a 3 location franchise owner.  A lifelong … Continue reading

Me & My Bike

You know the moment when you realize that you really, really love doing something but haven’t done it in a very long time and then you do it again and you love it even more?  Well, that’s what’s been happening to me and my bike. As a senior at Miami University, I rode on a … Continue reading

My Sabbath

I’ve been thinking about Sabbath lately.  It’s a new concept for me.  Not new in the sense that I’ve never heard of it, but new because I want to observe it.  Make it real for me and for my family. I’ve known the significance, but honestly, it’s been lost on me.  God rested after creating the … Continue reading

On Easter Eve

As far as I can remember, last night was my first Good Friday church service.  Ever.  It was sad and sobering.  A whole hour devoted to death.   I’m not comfortable with death, so I was a little squirmy.  I wasn’t comfortable sitting in it last night even for just an hour.  I kept thinking, … Continue reading