Posted in October 2008


I found this idea in Wondertime Magazine, too.  Mix 2 t. Metamucil with 1 c. water.  Boil for 5 minutes or so until it starts to thicken.  Transfer to a bowl and stir while it cools down.  It will thicken while it cools.   As soon as it’s cool enough to handle. you can play … Continue reading

Sweet Paint

The other day I was reading some blogs and I ran across an idea to paint with coffee grounds.  You just mix a small amount with water and paint like normal.  Well, Chris and I are not coffee drinkers, so I decided to try this idea with cocoa powder.  We do love chocolate!  I mixed … Continue reading


Take an interested kid, a hammer, and a large nail or golf tee.  Whack holes in your pumpkin!  Cut a lid and dig out the pumpkin seeds and stringy stuff.  Insert candle and when it’s dark, voila!  Happy Halloween!  P.S.  Not my original idea. I learned this from Wondertime Magazine.  Great ideas!

Water Music Lab

As I sat in the allergist’s office this morning (finally getting to the bottom of this thorn in my nasal passages!)  I was reading and brainstorming things I could do with the boys later today.  Not sure where this idea came from, but voila!  Water music lab.   After lunch, we filled short and tall … Continue reading

Slam Bang Show

This is Mike singing at the SNC show on Saturday night here in Bloomington.  Would he appreciate this picture?  He sings Auld Lang Syne and a few other songs on their new Holiday Spirits album, which is in stores and on iTunes TOMORROW, and it’s fabulous!   To quote Bing Crosby (and twist his words … Continue reading

Indianapolis Morning News

Straight No Chaser performed and was interviewed on Fox 59 Morning news today in Indianapolis.  Here’s the link to see it!  Mike is 2nd from the left.  If you decide on a last minute trip to Bloomington for Homecoming this weekend, you can stay with us!  You may be thinking, “Wow, she’s crazy…”  But when … Continue reading


I guess I really didn’t even need to be there for this walk today!  Cole does tend to be a wild wagon driver, though, so it’s good I was along for the walk.  He rode his little train part of the time and when some IU students walked by they said, “Oh, what a cool … Continue reading


I am legit…again!  I let my teaching license lapse while in Vienna.  I did take 2 online courses through Indiana University, though, so all that was left was the paperwork.  Well, a couple weeks ago I remembered and now, voila!  My renewed Indiana license came in the mail today, complete with married name and zero … Continue reading


“Mommy, can you rake up a pile for me?”   So we raked.  Then we threw leaves around.  We covered ourselves.  It was great!