Posted in October 2011

Game Day

Game Day was such fun!  Max was most interested in the actual football game.  He kept asking about the yellow penalty flags, touchdowns, field goals, and referees.  He was frustrated when the game stopped for a timeout.  We had a lot of fun playing football in the parking lot, too.  And during our little family … Continue reading

Let’s Get Started…

It’s time to get the Halloween weekend started, right?  Yes!  This afternoon, our favorite babysitter, Tootsie Roll Chelsea, took Robot Cole and Super Max to her office on campus for trick-or-treating.   They picked up some sweet loot and cannot wait to eat every last piece of it, of course.  After a quick dinner, it … Continue reading


We waved goodbye to Kelsey and Caleb this morning.  They are such special friends to us, and our week together was awesome!   Yesterday afternoon we explored a stream close to Lake Monroe, and it was beautiful!  We collected geodes, watched minnows, crayfish, and water striders, and got really wet.  Perfect afternoon for rowdy boys … Continue reading


I sure do love my supers!  Wish I could get Super #3 to keep a cape on…

Our Buddy Caleb

Here’s the deal.  Chris and I have a great friend, Kelsey.  She’s a missionary in Romania, working with orphans.  She’s been there since 2004, and has been raising a Romanian son, hoping to adopt him.  After seven years of paperwork and waiting and praying, her adoption was finalized a few weeks ago.  And for the … Continue reading

Zoo Boo!

Last weekend, we spent the weekend in Indianapolis visiting my parents.  My mom made Chris and I a tasty anniversary dinner…we celebrated 9 years on the 5th!  We took the boys to pick out pumpkins for my parent’s front porch.  The weather was beautiful, so we played football and hopscotch in the yard, drew dozens … Continue reading

A Test

The other day, Cole started asking questions about dissolving.  Maybe it stemmed from Max’s habit of mixing food and drink together at every meal…oh my.  Anyway, we created an experiment to learn more.  We tested sugar, salt, sand, ketchup, syrup, olive oil, and peanut butter to see if they dissolved in water or not.   … Continue reading

The Rule

My rule is this:  As long as the weather is bearable, choose the park over the library. This morning I was reminded of my rule after I broke it and took M and Z to the library.  We lasted…mmm…ten minutes before one or both boys began pulling books off the shelves, disassembling the computer mouse, … Continue reading