Posted in February 2010


Cole and I created monsters this afternoon.  Do all boys go through a monster stage?  Our boys seem to talk about monsters all the time these days.  Sometimes Max whispers about monsters hiding in various places around our house.  Now we have one living on our fridge!   It’s a nice monster, Cole says, thanks … Continue reading

Snack Taxi

These cute little sandwich and snack pouches made by Snack Taxi caught my attention in a magazine ad last week.  Machine washable, earth-loving, and durable.  So I bought a few and received them yesterday.  Guitars for Chris, tools for Cole, robots for Max, and flowers for me.  I make Chris’s lunch every day, take snacks … Continue reading


A while ago, Cole and I did a float & sink test with random household items.  He asked to do it again the other day,  so he gathered up some test objects.  This time, though, we made a hypothesis before conducting our experiment.   Cole guessed which items would sink and float and placed them … Continue reading


These Twig blocks were a Christmas gift, and we just pulled them out the other (snowy!) day.   All four of us have had a great time playing with them since!  Endless opportunities for creativity and lots of knock-down potential…necessary when a 2 year-old is around!  I highly recommend these blocks if you have kids … Continue reading

Here We Go?

I am not sure I’m ready for this.  Over the last few weeks, Max has asked countless times to use the toilet.  I often distract him…terrible, I know!   My plan was to wait until he was 2 1/2 or even 3 to even approach the subject, especially with #3 coming in a few weeks. … Continue reading


This is what our morning was like, and it’s still coming down.    The boys shoveled our driveway this morning, and now it seems as if the shoveling never happened!   Maybe we can use the icicles hanging from our house and car as popsicles?  There are perks to having a garage…

Recycled Race Cars

While searching for ideas a while ago, I found this tutorial.  It’s been on the back burner until today.  This afternoon while Max napped, Cole and I got to work.  It was surprisingly easy and we had a lot of fun!   For a boy who loves to build…heaven.


I noticed this tonight.  Same shirt, same Valentine making extravaganza, two years apart. As I wait for Baby 3’s arrival in a few weeks, I have started to make comparisons.  Comparisons between Cole’s and Max’s birth stories.  Comparisons between my attitude and our life circumstances surrounding those times.  Comparisons between silly things like the boys’ … Continue reading

Yum! (max style)

Lots of snow going on around here… The other day we took a snowy nature walk around our neighborhood.  Max used a stick like a spoon and thankfully only ate the white stuff!