Posted in May 2011

Water Water Water

It’s hot.  Time to get wet!  Slip ‘n slide, backyard pool, and of course, the hose.  Zeke and the hose are good buddies these days.  It’s hilarious when he tries to take drinks and it soaks him! In other news, Cole has two loose teeth.  Ah!  Chris is still hot on the job search, and … Continue reading


On the afternoon of Mother’s Day, we played a soccer game in our backyard.   Zeke was napping, so the rest of us took to the turf.  We discovered Max is a left-footed kicker!  We were sweaty at the end, so we took a trip to Red Mango for frozen yogurt.  Yum! Cole looks thrilled … Continue reading

Gammy & Bubba

Chris’s parents visited around graduation time, and we had a wonderful visit!  It was warm, we spent a lot of time outside, and enjoyed time together.  It’d been a year since they’d seen Max or Zeke, so they were in for a surprise!   We were sad to see them go…until next time!

We. Did. It.

This picture should be titled Wordless Friday.   Truly, no words can really explain this moment.  See Chris’s smile?  Two years of hard hard work.  Two years of team projects, work-filled weekends, and deadlines.  Two years of succeeding, failing, and getting back up again.  Two years of focusing and growing in confidence.  And two years … Continue reading


We’ve been blowing a lot of bubbles lately.  I mix 1/2 cup Dawn dish soap with 4 cups water in a bucket and away we go!  We found big bubble wands at the dollar store last week, and they are wonderful.   I love the green bursting all around, too.  Spring!

Lately, we’ve been…

climbing everything practicing to be a quarterback  working as a team at the water table running up and down a big hill in our neighborhood over and over again (in jammies!) pitching tents and hanging out in them Life is busier than ever these days!  Zeke has upped the stakes around here…that’s probably why!  I … Continue reading