Posted in July 2011


The boys and I took a walking/biking trip to the fountains at the IU School of Music this morning.  It was Zeke’s first time playing in the water…the fountain is a giant!   Afterwards, we drank lemonade on the bench out in front of The Copper Cup, and then headed back home.  Despite the heat, … Continue reading


Zeke is full of life!  Quite the explorer 15 month old!  He’s learning to say cheese (for the camera and to eat) and it’s the sweetest thing.  He rides his little tractor around the driveway and down our street.  He wanders into our neighbors’ yards, approaches strangers at the library and restaurants, and charms the … Continue reading

It Gets Away…

Summer time.  It gets away from you so fast, right?  Lately we’ve just been doing lots of summer things, and priority number one on our list has been anticipating heading up to Michigan on Friday! On the not-as-hot days, we’ve played at the park or in our back yard.  Max has decided that just going … Continue reading

Making Space

Since we are not moving to a new house, we are moving some things around within our house.  One major move is that we are moving Zeke in with Cole and Max (they claim the biggest room in our house!).  That makes space in our third bedroom for guests and an office space, which used … Continue reading

Two Wheelin’

              Cole. can. ride. a. bike. And a scooter.  YAY! If you would’ve asked us a month ago, we’d have expressed Cole’s disinterest in anything wheels-related.  His bike was collecting dust underneath our porch.  Then, we bought a Skuut balance bike and everything changed.  Within a week, Cole started … Continue reading

The Hunt

  The hunt is over!  Chris accepted a job today!  (Pause for uncontrollable excitement…) He will be doing all of the marketing for the 21 dining service locations at Indiana University. Technically, he’ll be working for IU’s Residential Programs & Services department.  Food + Marketing = Happy Chris!   What a blessing this is!  We … Continue reading


Happy 4th of July!  We spent this morning downtown for the annual Bloomington Fourth of July parade.  It was the first parade the boys had seen and they loved it!   American flags, candy, loud emergency vehicles, music, hula hoopers, horses, the works.   Zeke tasted his first lollipop, too!   Then tonight we had … Continue reading