Posted in November 2008

One Last Time

Chris spent some time today working in our yard for the last time this fall.  He blew leaves, transplanted some plants, planted tulip and crocus bulbs, and cut down our vegetable garden.  The boys and I stayed out of the cold for the most part, but we did venture out on a walk and to … Continue reading

Leaps & Bounds

Lately both boys have accomplished major things!  Cole pees and poops on the toilet, which lately earned him an ice cream cone at Bruster’s.  He’s below 40 inches tall, so his cone was free!  Max is really in to moving around now, too.  He scoots, rolls, slides, pushes, rocks, and pulls himself up.  Maybe soon … Continue reading

My Boy

                    Here is my boy!   Chris’s mom, Nancy, visited this past weekend, and I convinced her that making huge gingerbread people would be a fabulous idea!   When Chris and his sister, Melissa, were little, Nancy would stay up late on Christmas Eve and bake … Continue reading

Advertising & Bread

Nothing to do with each other, really, except that while we were waiting for the bread to bake this afternoon we perused the Target catalog that came in the mail.  Cole stopped page flipping and zeroed in on a full page ad of an elementary school aged boy playing with an electric race track.  He … Continue reading

20 teeth!

Cole and I visited the dentist this morning to get our teeth cleaned.  It was Cole’s very first dentist visit!  I was a little nervous about how he’d do, so I’ve been really talking this up for weeks.   He likes to brush his teeth at home, so that was a good sign!   Well, … Continue reading

Weekend Solo

                    Chris went to Florida on a work trip this weekend, so I experienced my first weekend alone with the boys.  I am happy to say that it was great!  We had a lot of fun.  Here are some highlights… ~Cole has been using the toilet … Continue reading


Max, our little Sweetums, is 10 months old today!  Okay, I’m the only one who calls him Sweetums, but it’s appropriate.  He’s so sweet!   He’s also growing to be very determined.  Up until the last couple of days he’s been very content just sitting and playing with toys.  He’s so laid back!  Now, though, … Continue reading


                    Look, Mommy, I’m a snowman!  Seriously, the creativity of toddlers. I love it!

The Big Event

  I guess one smile out of three is pretty good, right?  Cole thought trick-or-treating was fabulous.  He was polite and said thank you at most houses, too!   Max rode in the wagon and had fun watching, but was so tired.  Next year he’ll get it more, I think.  We have more candy now … Continue reading