Posted in December 2013

Before 2014 Begins

I loved Christmas!  Low key.  Lots of fun.  Lots of family.  Cookies.  Sweet 7-year-old notes to Santa and piles of carrots for the reindeer.  And a fresh reminder that Jesus’s birth changed everything.  And it can change me. Before 2014 officially begins in a few hours, there are a few things I’ve been thinking about. … Continue reading

Let’s Have a Virgil

It started with my grandparents, Howard and Gyneth, during their young married days, I think. The lines between stories are blurry, but this I’ve experienced first hand. Young couples at church on a Wednesday night.  Everyone was hungry afterward, of course.  So Virgil and his wife offered their house and the contents of their refrigerator. … Continue reading

The Joy Battle

I spent most of yesterday complaining.  In my heart, to Chris, and anyone else who would listen.  Ringing in my ears and rolling off of my tongue ever-so-easily… No more church responsibilities.  Why do I have to do all this work by myself?   Where are my reinforcements, my committee?  Who else cares about early … Continue reading

A Christmas Party

  Zeke’s buddies came over this morning for a Christmas party!  Eat, craft, play, repeat.  Three-year-old style!  They loved the Christmas train most of all, and I loved watching their faces as they waited for it to fly by again and again.   Big fun!  (So big that I took a nap afterwards.)  

Happy Anniversary {A Story of Grace}

Fifth grade.  It was nighttime, and I was heading to sleep.  My mom came in, as usual at bedtime, but that night bearing sad news.  A divorce.  Ugh.  What came next was a new house for my mom, an apartment for my dad.  A Nintendo at each place.  Shuffling our stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday … Continue reading


 It snowed and snowed all day long.  So we baked and decorated!  Ready for #giftgiving.      

Advent: Our New Style

I take advent notes.  I make a calendar every December, usually with colored pencils.  I fill in activities for each day, add and take out things as we go along.  My second (and last!) sewing project was 24 mini drawstring bags to use for Advent.  Certain things stick over the years, and others slip out … Continue reading

what i’ve learned

i realized a few things about myself during these last few months.   i love cooking italian food.  mostly bolognese.  it’s homey and delicious.   it spreads a heavenly aroma all over our house.  and i love lots of balsamic vinegar.   i’m tired of house projects.   i miss the boys when they’re at … Continue reading