On Choosing Playmates & Labor Day Weekend

IMG_6608 IMG_6588

I love it when the boys choose each other as playmates.  It’s often imaginative in a rowdy boy sort of way.  There is lots of laughing, and usually someone gets hurt.  But they always go back to each other, and it’s so sweet.   They are building bonds for life.

Over Labor Day weekend, we spent a lot of time outdoors.  We visited Lower Cascades, the boys’ favorite park, for a picnic and to play.  We bought a pool on clearance and have already reaped much more enjoyment than the $14.98 we paid for it could’ve promised.  Chris and Max watched the IU men’s soccer team lose in a heartbreaker to UCLA, too.   And, we planted and transplanted some things in our yard.  All in a good weekend.


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